Surveying the desert of modernity, it would be a kind of moral dereliction for Christians to fail to acknowledge that Nietzsche was right in holding Christianity responsible (even if he misunderstood why) for the catastrophe around us. Christians should be willing to confess that the failure of Christian culture to live up to its victory over the old gods has allowed the dark power that once hid behind them to step forward in propria persona. And everyone with some consciousness of cultural history should certainly dread whatever rough beast it is that is being bred in our ever coarser, crueler, more inarticulate, more vacuous popular culture; because, cloaked in its anodyne insipience, lies a world increasingly devoid of merit, wit, kindness, imagination, and charity.

– David Bentley Hart, “No Other God” reprinted in “In the Aftermath – Provocations and Laments”

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