Solovyov’s Margin

One of the most important paragraphs I have ever read was not published in the author’s original work.  Instead, it appeared in a 2009 translation and annotation by Judith Deutsch Kornblatt.  She noted that 19th century Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov (admired by both Dostoevsky and Tolstoy) had written in the margin of his work The Sophia the following:

Sublime thought, forming the basis of all truth, is as follows:  at the base of all that exists is but one, and that one is neither existence nor a being, but that which is above all existence and all being, so that, in general, being and existence are only the surface, but at the base is something superior to them.  And this superior unity is also in us, as it is in all things, and, in raising us above all things and all existence, we feel and know that absolute substance directly, because we find it in itself.