February 2020

Consciousness and Alternative Consciousness take a walk together in the world on a pleasant day amongst people:

Consciousness: I feel sorry for them.
Alternative Consciousness: Sorry?! They have been given the greatest gift – corporeal consciousness!
C: I know. But that is not what they know. They have been raised, conditioned to think differently.
AC: But it is not hidden from them; they can choose to know.
C: You say that, but it is not so easy when all you have known leads you to some undefined, but required, mark. A play-actor is expected to play the part.
AC: You are saying that they are told what a “successful” life is and are expected to pursue it.
C: Yes, of course. The systems are all in place for it. The economy, the myths, the emotions, social norms; they all provide a pre-packaged destiny. The systems – politics, religion, structures – are all set up to manipulate resources, and to get your hand in it you must play the game and reach for the top.
AC: They are mammals, after all. They do need food, clothing, shelter – and so must keep the wolf from the door.
C: But, collectively, they have so much, are so wealthy. The systems of manipulation of people to chase after resources that are not really scarce, and then to have the few at the top in control, are barbaric.
AC: Barbarism lies just under the surface.
C: It does.
AC: But, really, isn’t this just natural tribalism?
C: Understandably, they want to belong. It is ingrained. They don’t want their views challenged; they want to be comforted and affirmed. It is a supposed righteous path to deny death, and their entire system has its bedrock there. If they were not fearful, it would collapse like a house of cards.
AC: But they are fearful. They do not know what lies beyond. They see through a glass darkly.
C: Indeed. That is why I do not blame, but feel sorry. And who among them could lead? It is the blind leading the blind.
AC: Yes, well the shepherds will lead sheep to the wolves, if it serves the shepherd’s interest.
C: We have seen this repeatedly, no?
AC: There is hope though. They are not static, and they can learn and do change. Time has shown this.
C: I agree. Though they do not think they will change. They do not believe in time because they can not really sense it, despite the fact that they see its spiral every day.
AC: Of course they will be required to make a turn.
C: Of course. Stasis is comfortable, but it is merely an illusion. May each reach a dead end, and soon.
AC: A noble hope. Although, the time horizon for each is different.
C: Each perspective is unique and uncountable, just like love.